LVLR is a director. In other words, we take a collective approach to filmmaking, combining our various skillsets and perspectives, allowing the best ideas to rise, then pushing them further until we find something undeniable. Because we think the only way to truly connect with an audience is to find the things we truly connect with ourselves.

Beautiful visuals in service of clear, authentic humanity. That's what we're after - and we work hard at it.


LVLR is fully capable of entering at any stage in the production process, from concept and scripting through production design and into the shoot. Whether we're directing or not, we love collaborating with other creatives, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exciting new work that fits cohesively within an existing brand strategy.

In addition to our narrative and experimental work, we have extensive experience in documentary filmmaking projects around the globe, including interviews, shooting, field audio, and production management.


LVLR treats animation and motion graphics like a playground. Trying new things, crazy things, to create visuals that come to life and excite people. We start with a solid technical foundation, but take it further. Incorporate real world elements. Play around. Do strange things in green suits. Build something. Even in a clean, orderly piece of 2D motion design, there's always room to sneak in a few ideas that will make your eyes light up.

We're happy to bring that mindset to a project from its conception, or to begin collaborating with another team during the post-production process.


We have an abiding respect for the craft of editing, the process of honing a film down to its essential elements and communicating its message to an audience. We cut for emotion first, looking for and finding the moments of the truest humanity. On the technical front, we edit in Adobe Premiere, and color correct/grade in-house at our East Passyunk office. We edit all of our own work, and we are available to assist other agencies and filmmakers in the editing/post-production process.