[In Production] / Leveler Media / Philadelphia / lvlr.tv

Since the summer of 2014, Leveler Media has been working closely with Philadelphia artists Billy and Steven Dufala to produce a feature-length documentary showcasing their extraordinary talents and unique contributions to the city’s communities, arts and otherwise. We are thrilled to be granted nearly unlimited access to two such engagingly complementary individuals at vital points in their mutual careers.

Here is how the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts describes the Brothers:

"Steven Dufala (Cert. ‘00) and Billy Blaise Dufala (Cert. ‘03) are prolific multidisciplinary artists whose work defies categorization and extends from sculpture and drawing to theater, music and performance art. They have created tricycles from toilets and raced them through the streets of Philadelphia’s Old City; outfitted an ice cream truck with military accoutrements; and coordinated an elaborate memorial servi1ce for a vacant row home being demolished. Their work often repurposes or reconfigures common objects in unexpected ways, prompting questions about disposable culture, consumerism and conservation, and the sometimes blurry line between junk and treasure."

CreativeMornings had this to say:

"With an understanding that conjecture is likely a more accessible, and so productive, position than any single answer, their work eschews practical reason for sake of an inspired, if sometimes irreverent, take on our consumer culture, waste, recycling, violence and humor."